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The gist of the guest speaker during my professional oath taking was about this information super highway. Before, it was still at its infancy, at least in the Philippines, where I spent all of my bachelor life. Internet was back then just a luxury and only available on large companies. But right now after more than a couple of decades of growth, development and evolution, it is now a basic household necessity in modern living.

 Internet has been a part of our daily modern lives. Almost all information can be found online with the proper searching tools and patience. Articles are abundant from cooking to fixing cars, cleaning homes to nano technology. Everyday I go online to check emails, read news, search for information be it general, personal, technical or educational. To get in touch with friends and families miles away. We can learn new things just find the right information that fits our interest. But there are pros and cons, like there will be not much physical activity, personal interaction and the like. Also is the truthfulness and reliability of the information given. It is true that all good things has a not so good counterpart. There are bad guys that inflict harm to your computer destroying the hardware and data stored. But in the end, the health of your computer system solely depends on how you, the owner take care of it.

 Technology advancement also relieves human interaction with computer applications and programs. One such example is the IVR or the Interactive Voice Response system, but still machines are not perfect and cannot totally replace human touch although it really boosts productivity especially after regular office hours.

Thanks to freewebs, I can have a piece of this information to share possible.



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Since its inception, it has encountered a few hacker attacks which still happens currently from time to time. Those guys perhaps find self gratification when they can successfully infiltrate someones computer system. Thanks to some tedious reading and a few security measures,  it still tolerate such attacks.

         The Piczo website -

This site was created for fun, it supports scripts and other website flavors. Go make your own at

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